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Public transportation or a second car: How you guys get around with the number coding scheme

Adjustment is the name of the game
PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

Ah, the number coding scheme. The bane of any Metro Manila-based motorists who, well, can’t afford more than one car (though a new Metropolitan Manila Development Authority [MMDA] proposal may put a stop to this, too).

The thing is, most of us can’t just skip work whenever our coding day hits. It just isn’t a financially-viable way to go about it. So what do we do? We adjust.

Making do with the cards that we’ve been dealt is the name of the game here. Either we commute, hop on two wheels instead of four, or pedal ourselves to the office—or, you know, just become unemployed.

Fines, payments, schedule: Your complete guide to the number coding scheme
This is how the MMDA's new two-day number coding scheme will supposedly affect traffic

We asked you guys, our readers, how you manage to deal with getting around on your car’s coding day. Here are your answers:

How do you get around the number coding scheme?

Personally, I still prefer to commute once in a while. I mean, riding the LRT or jeepney, even walking. The goal is to save at least a few bucks. I just plan ahead of time make sure I leave the location before rush hour hits so my commuting experience will be less stressful.” - Mark Esteban

“Use the other car.” - Jesse Cyrus Barrientos

I use my big bike for that since I use expressways often going to work.” - Jefferson Jacaban

Leave early and go home late.” - Eric Florence

Bike to work, bike to home! Pag two days na coding, I will do the same.” - Ge Francisco

Very carefully.” - Rey Raval

I usually set my rest day to be the same as my car’s coding day. So I don’t need to go out.” - Kirs Tin

Find a permanent work-from-home job and move out of Manila.” - Michael Angelo Timoteo

I adjust my schedule on coding day. It’s just 5-8pm, not the whole day. Technically, I can still use my car every day (unless you are in Makati City).” - Eric Chua

I try to finish all my important work beforehand so I am free on a coding day. If it’s very important, I commute.” - Rajesh Tarachand

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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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