Our simple New Year's resolutions

What's yours?
Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year, guys! It's the first day of 2015, and like most individuals, the members of our editorial staff have resolutions they intend to do--particularly in the area of motoring. These are simple car-related promises that we hopefully we'll be able to keep. See if you have similar resolutions.


Vernon B. Sarne

Vernon B. Sarne (Editor in Chief): "I have two car-related resolutions for the New Year. First is to give comfortable time allowance to my trips. I admit that I have a habit of leaving just in time for an appointment, which makes me an irritable driver because then I always find myself in a hurry. Second is to be more aggressive in saving up for a car I really want. I have an eight-year-old car, which I love very dearly. But I will not deny that there are new cars out there that really get me drooling. I know I can acquire one of these cars if I really want to. I just need to stop buying all those G-Shocks, sneakers, CDs and die-cast toy cars!"


Paulo Subido

Paulo Subido (Print Associate Editor): "I've amassed countless parts and emblems for my 1976 Mitsubishi Galant wagon, which I restored four years ago. Yes, I'm a car-parts hoarder. Why? Because I'm worried that one day, I won't be able to find parts anymore. That, or I might have to give up an arm and a leg just to pay for these pieces if and when the prices shoot up. I have to admit that what I do is a bit extreme, but when you've experienced scouring the entire metropolis for a set of seemingly insignificant but essential, hard-to-find parts, you will understand. But for 2015, I will try to hold back on my hoarding tendencies as there might be somebody out there who needs those parts, too."

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Botchi Santos

Botchi Santos (Consumer Editor): "My resolution is to stop tinkering with my Supra--or, in other words, spending too much on car modification."



Andy Leuterio (Writer): "My resolution is to give Beast the full-on makeover she deserves."



Niky Tamayo (writer): "My resolution is to finally fix the car. Well, eventually."


Jason dela Cruz

Jason dela Cruz (Test Drive Editor): "I’d like to use my two cars more often this year. I also have to figure out how to save up for the sports car I want--the Toyota 86 or the Mazda Miata or my boyhood dream pocket rocket, the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Or a secondhand Porsche 911."


Stephanie Asi

Stephanie Maureen Asi (Print Managing Editor): "My motoring resolution is to be a more courteous driver. I won't deny that I sometimes give in to road rage, so for 2015, I hope to be a calmer and wiser driver. I also hope to wash my car--or have it washed--more often. Last, I will try to plan my trips more so I can save fuel and reduce my carbon footprint."


Tracy Carpena

Tracy Carpena (Online Managing Editor): "I promise I'll stop eating inside the car, whether as a driver or as a passenger."


Dinzo Tabamo

Dinzo Tabamo (Online Associate Editor): "I’m not what you would call a careless person behind the wheel. I don’t text while I’m driving, I don’t drive when I’m sleepy, and I don’t pay attention to distractions on the road. But I have noticed that there are times when my focus falters--a second or two when I fiddle with Waze, a moment when my gaze lingers at a supercar sighting. So in 2015, I resolve to focus 100% while driving. I will not fiddle with mobile apps, no matter how cool they may be, and I will make only peripheral glances at anything distracting I see. And if i really have to give attention to something, I’ll pull over the side of the road. Because it only takes a momentary lapse for an accident to occur."

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Patrick Tadeo (Online News Editor): "My car's a mess, both the cargo area and the back seat. For 2015, I hope to declutter the passenger cabin. That's a good place to start."

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