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Weekends are for having fun, right? A time when you can shed the shackles of your everyday grind and let your hair down, even for just a couple of days. A chance for you to unwind, relax, and recharge for the challenges that lie ahead. And what's a good way to achieve all those things? Going for a drive in your car, of course! This is Top Gear Philippines, after all.

While some folks like their weekend jaunts to be a steady cruise at a manageable speed, there are some who prefer more of an adrenaline rush. There's less traffic on weekends, so why not push your car to its limits--while still respecting the road rules, of course. There's no autobahn-ing around these parts. If you have a few milllion pesos in change lying around, you could even buy a car for this exact purpose. A ride that's not roomy or practical enough to be used daily, but perfect for your weekend guilty pleasure. Something like the Peugeot RCZ.

Full disclosure, this French two-door coupe is expensive, cramped in the rear, and not exactly hump-friendly. But boy, is it fun to be in. Once you make use of its 1.6-liter turbo engine and low center of gravity, you learn just why cars like this have their place in the world. To find out more, watch our video review.

Jason Tulio
Staff Writer
Like most guys, Jason inherited his love for cars from watching his dad talk about and tinker with them while he was growing up. Since then, he has leveled up into the roles of motoring journalist/wannabe mechanic/concerned motorist.
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