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Poll: Is it all right to reserve a parking slot by standing in it?

Apparently, a lot of people think 'yes'

Last week, we posted a story on Instagram with a poll asking our followers whether or not you can 'reserve' a parking slot by just standing in it. It was up for 24 hours, and 4,196 people answered it.

Care to guess how many tapped yes? A couple of dozen maybe? At the risk of sounding like a clickbait article, we think the answer will surprise you.

A total of 526 people (or 12.5%) voted in the affirmative. This means over half a thousand individuals think it's okay to save a parking slot by acting as a human pylon. Let that face palm-worthy statistic sink in for a moment.

So again, let us reiterate: "Basic parking etiquette dictates that in the absence of a formal reservation with parking management (in which case a slot will be properly marked or blocked by a pylon or sign), free slots are on a first-come first-served basis. This is regardless of whether it's in a public or private area." And again, while there may not be a law specifically making the act illegal in the Philippines, there are laws prohibiting the practice in other countries.


So, do you still think it's alright to save a parking slot by standing in it? Please for the love of motoring click no let us know what you think in the poll below.


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