The 2017 Stig Awards wouldn't have been possible without you, guys

Thanks for another successful year
by Jason Tulio | Dec 10, 2017

We have fun with our jobs at Top Gear Philippines, and we're grateful every day that we get to write about, shoot, and drive the latest cars for a living. Still, it's not a responsibility we merely enjoy, but one that we take very seriously. We're tasked to inform the car-buying public about the industry and the automobiles they produce. When we review cars, we seriously weigh their merits and present them as accurately and objectively as possible. 

With our annual Stig Awards, our aim is to recognize the carmakers who have made a mark in certain ways throughout the past year. Consider it an extension of our responsibility to inform the public. We also award the car that has made biggest impact on the public, as well as the one that resonated most with you, our readers. This year, Honda Cars Philippines took top honors in both the Car of the Year and Reader's Favorite categories. The Honda Civic Type R was our choice for the best car, while you guys chose the CR-V as your top pick. 

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Watch our video to see the full list of winners at this year's Stig Awards. Thank you, our ever-loyal readers, for making this year another successful one for TGP. We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store. 

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