The Subaru WRX is still a force to be reckoned with

An aging icon that still thrills
by Jason Tulio | Feb 15, 2018


It seems just like yesterday that the Subaru WRX you see here arrived on our shores. Admittedly, its age is starting to show. The interior, which would've been cutting-edge during its time, now looks bare compared to more modern, touchscreen-infused layouts. And the exterior design, while still a head-turner, isn't as sleek as those found in today's cars. 

But never mind all of that, because the WRX is still a car worth pining for. For one, it's still a rally-inspired ride, and you find that out pretty quick once you bury the throttle. When the turbocharged 2.0-liter boxer springs to life, your head becomes well-acquainted with the leather headrest. Just watch out for any potholes, because the WRX's stiff ride is hardly the comfiest around.

The handling is precise, as you'd expect from a performance car with a Subie badge on the grille. And while rowing through a CVT's gears isn't as exciting as operating a clutch, you still get your fair share of thrills behind the wheel. The WRX might be aging (and if recent concepts are any indication, it might also soon be replaced), but it's still a damn fun car to drive. 

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Click play on our video to see the WRX in action. If it was good enough for the lead character in Baby Driver, then it's plenty to handle for the rest of us. 

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