Survey: What’s your favorite BMW 3-Series generation?

An existential question for car guys
by Dinzo Tabamo | Oct 14, 2018

Are you a real car guy if you dont like the BMW 3-Series? While there are few absolutes in the automotive world, gearheads loving the 3 is surely one of them.

All of us want our sports cars, and for everyday use, we want our daily-driven machines. These two kinds of automobiles rarely intersect, and when they do, they come with compromises.

What makes the 3-Series brilliant is it doesnt let you feel that you’ve compromised between performance and daily drivability. It can bring you to the office every day, and on weekends, you can bring it to the track, where it will add wrinkles to your face because you’ll be smiling for hours. 

BMW has been providing happiness in compact form since 1975. But many of us probably got to know the 3 during the 80s with the lovely E30. Personally, I fell in love with the E36 M3.

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So this is a survey with no correct answer—it’s just a discussion among car guys. Its also a sure barometer of age, as your favorite might reveal what decade you became enamored with cars.

Take your pick, and lets see which generation resonates the most with Top Gear Philippines readers.

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