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A look inside the Tamiya factory in Cebu

Where the magic happens

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Scale-model cars are awesome, aren't they? A well-made replica of a great automobile can turn even the most mature car nuts into giddy little kids rediscovering the wonder of automobiles. It's no wonder brands like Tamiya are firmly etched in the hearts of miniature automobile aficionados across the globe. 

When we were invited to tour the Tamiya factory in Cebu, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity. The visit exceeded our expectations, and we found our long-lost sense of wonder. Seeing how some of our favorite toys are actually made was like looking at magic.

Opened in 1994, the factory makes roughly 90% of the Tamiya products you see on shelves today. Check out our video to get a closer look at our country's very own Tamiya wonderland. 

Special thanks to Lil's Hobby Center and Blade Auto Center.

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