These motoring acronyms will make you popular

We coin the next hip abbreviations
by Dinzo Tabamo | Oct 23, 2015

Motoring acronyms

Modesty aside, if a TV show were to film our editorial team for a reality show, it would mine an abundant amount of jokes, quips and funny dialogue. One of the biggest things going for our crew is the way our sense of humor just flows even in the most typical settings.

One example was during a pizza dinner in our office pantry. The younger staff began mouthing off popular shortened terms, and the older editors tried guessing what ICYMI, ATM and TLDR meant. The millennials explained what the acronyms meant, mostly for the benefit of our 50-year-old publisher, who only remembers acronyms like ITALY ("I trust and love you") and JAPAN ("Just always pray at night").

While our publisher tried to be modern and attempted to pass off "MOMOL X" as a term (it’s not, and don’t ask us why it’s the first thing that came to his mind), a light bulb moment hit us. What if there were motoring acronyms that would simplify conversations? For example, TOK could mean "tumirik oto ko” (e.g. "Babe, I'll be late. TOK").


So, here are 10 acronyms that we’re sure will be everyday jargon among Pinoy motorists in a few weeks. We just can’t help it--we’re trendsetters.

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1. SHIT: sitting hopelessly in traffic.
Usage: "Sir, sorry, I'm running late. SHIT."

2. HHWD: holding hands while driving.
Usage: "Dude, I believe Alden and Maine are dating. They were HHWD in the car today."

3. TSE: traffic sa EDSA.
Usage: "It’s 12 midnight and I'm still on the road. TSE!"

4. PTT: punyetang traffic 'to.
Usage: "OMG! I'll miss my flight! PTT."

5. IWML: i-Waze mo lang.
Usage: "You can't find Manila Zoo? IWML. Or ask a congressman."

6. ICT: I’m coding today.
Usage: "Hey, can I hitch? ICT."

7. BTB: bumper to bumper.
Usage: "Gridlock during the holiday season is going to be BTB as f*ck."

8. SWAG: shet, wasak ang gulong.
Usage: "Ibang level 'yung kickback sa aspalto ng Makati. Hindi ko nakita 'yung isang butas sa Buendia. SWAG!"

9. LFAD: late for a date.
Usage: "Guys, GTG. I’m LFAD."


10. CTD: can’t text...driving.
Usage: "Babe, CTD." (send to all)

Acronyms by our editorial team


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