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Niki Lauda 458 Italia

Thanks to the movie Rush, many people learned just how legendary three-time Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda is. He is especially admired by the tifosi for helping Ferrari win three constructors' and two drivers' titles in the '70s.

And thanks to Lauda being thrust back into the limelight, one Ferrari customer asked the Italian carmaker to customize his 458 Italia as a tribute to the F1 icon. This is the result.

Ferrari describes the car as being "red with a white roof, featuring the Italian flag going longitudinally across it, and gold rims." Even the interior now has seats and a central tunnel "reprising the Italian-flag motif, and the racing aspect is accentuated by the type of seats and the red motif on their stitching, the dashboard and instrument panel, and the steering wheel with LEDs."

Do you like the customization? And does it indeed remind you of Niki Lauda, who, by the way, is Austrian?


Niki Lauda 458 Italia

Niki Lauda 458 Italia

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