Top Gear PH's resident tito takes Isuzu Crosswind through slalom

Because why not?
by Jason Tulio | Mar 21, 2017

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This video shows an Isuzu Crosswind slaloming through a set parking cones...wait, what? 

You might be wondering what the purpose of this experiment was. Why on earth did we film a vehicle with less than 100hp going through a driving challenge? The best answer we can offer up is: Why not? Sometimes, the fun things in life don't really need a good reason for being. 

Okay, so there is a bit of context to this. A few months ago, we issued a challenge to the titos out there to show us their rides. The best ones were shot and featured in the March 2017 issue of our magazine. Our very own tito Niky Tamayo showed up on set with an Isuzu Crosswind test unit, which we then fitted out with the quintessential tito car items.

As his spare polo short swung in the back seat, we asked Niky to maneuver the SUV through a set of parking cones. Given that slalom emphasizes driver skill and handling over engine power and speed, we thought it was a fitting test for Isuzu's fan favorite. We're pretty happy with how our quirky experiment turned out.

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