How to do a bungee jump using a car

Don't do this at home
by | Jan 31, 2020

1) The Luzzone dam is five meters taller than the dam in GoldenEye.

It didn’t used to be. When the GoldenEye dam was built in 1965 (two years after Luzzone), it was taller, so the hydroelectric company at Luzzone built another 17 meters on top so that the latter could still be the tallest.

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2) This dam also has the world’s highest climbing wall.

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It covers a vertical distance of 165 meters. No, thanks!

3) The crest of the dam is only 4.5 meters wide, so the crane couldn’t stick its legs out fully.

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This meant it could only extend its arm halfway, massively increasing the risk of the car hitting the dam wall. The producers...didn’t tell Freddie.

4) The Rover 114 was chosen due to its low weight.

Convertibles are usually heavier due to the extra strengthening underneath, but luckily, Rover hadn’t bothered because our convertible was lighter than the hardtop! Its weight still needed to be reduced, though, and 250kg was stripped out.

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5) The dam is worth approximately £500 million...

...(or roughly P33.1 billion), so we were asked for a credit card in case of any damage. We gave them Freddie’s.

6) Now, for some physics...

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Taking into account the weight of Freddie, the car, and the forces on the crane, the engineers worked to a maximum bungee weight of 16 tons.

7) There were five ropes attached to the car, but we could have gotten away with two.

Each rope measured 30 meters, was able to extend five times its length, and were specially made for the stunt—they took six weeks to be hand-woven.

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8) The maximum g-force expected to be endured by Fred was up to 7G.

That’s somewhere in between a Formula 1 car during heavy braking, around 6G, and the Apollo 16 re-entry, which was over 7G.

9) The Rover 114 started out as a gray convertible.

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The producers, however, decided it would be difficult to see a gray car against a gray dam, especially if it was a gray day. So, they painted the car red.

10) The whole thing took eight months to plan.

During those eight months, three tracks were played on repeat: The Dam Busters theme, “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty, and “Dreadlock Holiday” by 10cc.

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