Top Gear’s 28th season looks even more bonkers than ever

Anyone care to bungee-jump a roadster?
by | Dec 31, 2019

There’s a lot to be excited about this new year, but one thing we’re especially looking forward to is the premiere of Season 28 of Top Gear TV.

Chris HarrisPaddy McGuinness, and Andrew Flintoff are back at it again with new cars, more drifts, and unsurprisingly, even crazier ideas. That last one feels like an understatement, though, because it looks like the trio has gone completely bonkers for this new season.

By bonkers, we mean trying to bungee-jump a roadster down a dam bonkers—among a bucketload of other crazy shenanigans. The Stig is back, too, but we’ve yet to see what he has up his sleeve this year. The sneak preview only shows him supposedly drifting with a bunch of tractors around him—you tell us what that’s about. Oh, and there’s also what appears to be a supercar versus fighter jet face-off on the runway, as well as a vintage car road trip up the mountains. Both of which look pretty exciting, we’d say.

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Anyway, if we’re being honest, there’s just a whole lot to take in, so you can click play on the embedded video above to see what Top Gear has in store for us this 2020. Are you as stoked as we are?

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