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Conequip Philippines recently introduced Ural, a Russian brand of multi-purpose trucks, to the Philippines. These vehicles address the logistical requirement of moving materials and personnel through difficult terrain.

Most truck manufacturers and distributors sell only rear-wheel-drive trucks that have limited capability in tough terrain and poor weather conditions. Extreme situations, including road erosion and floods, hinder the accessibility of the country's hard-to-reach rural areas.

Let’s look into what these trucks have to offer: To begin with, the harsh and wet Russian landscape is a huge quagmire, making a multi-wheel-drive vehicle necessary for transporting supplies. Airlifting is expensive, and paving roads is just as costly.

In a developing economy like ours, mining or construction sites require trucks with the ability to negotiate undeveloped road networks. The same is true with small, distant villages where paved roads are almost non-existent. Local government units have to rely on dump trucks for rescue and transport during disasters. But because most of what they use are rear-wheel-drive vehicles, their ability to respond to emergencies is limited.

Ural trucks are what the Russian military use for logistics. With the company now utilizing Western engineering and European technology, its capabilities have been enhanced. Check out the short video above for more on these practical, logistical solutions.

Beeboy Bargas
Associate Off-road Editor
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