Video: Can Adam Levine sing while riding a speeding Nissan GT-R?

Ladies, you need to watch this
Nov 22, 2014

Video: Can Adam Levine belt out tunes while riding a Nissan GT-R?

After watching this video, you will fall in love. In love with the Nissan GT-R, that is. Ladies, we know you find rock stars hot. But this video shows that Nissan's supercar is hotter.

Adam Levine, Maroon 5 vocalist and one of the judges of reality TV show The Voice, stepped up to the challenge of performing while being aboard the GT-R. Precision driver Rich Rutherford drove Levine around as the latter tried ("struggled" should be a better verb) to sing 'Sugar,' his band's latest single.

The fantasy of so many ladies, Levine hit the notes and stayed in tune. But the GT-R--the aspiration of so many car nuts--has charms of its own that distracted Levine from singing every lyric of the song. The timbre of Levine's voice is enchanting, but the GT-R's revs are just as enthralling.

Watch the video.


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