Video: Fernando Alonso conducts interview while driving the F12

Around the Nurburgring\'s Nordschleife circuit, no less
Jul 18, 2013


Besides driving race cars in the so-called pinnacle of motorsports, Formula 1 drivers also have to contend with interviews from various media outlets. Perhaps to break the monotony of Fernando Alonso doing another typical sit-down interview, Ferrari had its star driver pilot an F12 Berlinetta around the Nurbugring\'s Nordschleife circuit while being interviewed by German TV network RTL.

The video touches on numerous subjects, from Alonso\'s experiences in F1 to Spanish culture in general. He also candidly rates Ferrari\'s performance for the season and admits that the F138 isn\'t the fastest car on the grid. And although we shouldn\'t expect to see Alonso set a really fast time around the track, he did go up to 300kph on the long back straight.

What makes the video really interesting is how the Ferrari driver is able to coherently answer the questions thrown at him, although there\'s one moment where he momentarily loses the F12\'s tail before he gets it under control.

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