Video: Infiniti Red Bull drivers have fun giving away Geox shoes

With the help of a wind tunnel
by Dinzo Tabamo | Sep 9, 2014

Geox Infiniti Red Bull wind tunnel

Geox shoes may not be as well-known in the Philippines as brands like Cole Haan or Rockport, but in Europe it enjoys a popular following. Formula 1 fans might recognize it as the footwear endorsed by the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team. And based on a recent marketing exercise, the Red Bull drivers seem to be enjoying this particular sponsorship deal.

In a recent video posted on the Geox YouTube channel, F1 drivers Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo joined an activity organized for eight Geox customers. The lucky participants were given the opportunity to haul as many shoes as they could from Geox's Fall/Winter collection within a 30-second window.

Sounds easy? There's a catch: The special pop-up store was located inside a powerful wind tunnel, and the people gleefully controlling the artificially generated wind were none other than Vettel and Ricciardo. What happens next is delightful mayhem as men and women slip and slide inside the facility, trying to stuff as many pairs of shoes as they can into a basket.

Is it worth the effort to own a few pairs of premium Italian shoes? Watch the video at the bottom.


Geox Infiniti Red Bull wind tunnel


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