5 problems that newbie MT drivers can relate to

We've all been there
by Jason Tulio | Mar 14, 2017

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If you read the title and thought 'Hey, that's me!' then don't worry, you're not alone. We all have to start somewhere. After all, learning how to drive a manual transmission is hardly the most instinctive thing in the world. Pulling it off successfully requires skill, coordination, and hours and hours of practice. In an age where automatics are almost the norm, knowing how to drive stick is becoming an increasingly rare skill, so congratulations to you for putting in the effort. 

Even the most grizzled gearheads can remember their newbie days of figuring out the science of three pedals. We could all probably share an embarrassing story or two of when our confidence far outweighed our driving skill, and our clutch pedals suffered as a result. In this video, we share some of the more common problems that newbie manual drivers will come across as they progress. Sometimes they're scary, but they can also be amusing if the timing is right. 

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What problems do you experience when operating a manual transmission? Let us know in the comments.

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