Video: The new Jaguar XE is one eye-catching sedan

We take this cat out for a spin
by Drei Laurel | Nov 10, 2015

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The all-new XE, Jaguar's "entry-level" compact sports sedan, has finally landed in the Philippines. Of course, the XE is one devilishly handsome looking ride. But what else does it have to offer besides an eye-catching exterior?

We were lucky enough to enjoy some "alone time" behind the wheel of this new car to see if it made for a worthy addition to the Jaguar stable. And as our writer JV Colayco found out, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. A stylish cockpit and a good drive, among other things, allow this cat to live up to the British marque's reputation.

Granted, the XE is up against some pretty tough competition in its segment. But if first impressions are any indication of how it will perform, then it shouldn't have too much trouble holding its own. If you can afford it, owning an automobile like this one is a very enticing proposition.

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Watch the video of our time with the XE. To learn more about Jaguar's latest offering, go grab a copy of our Luxury Issue (which comes with a free Top Gear sticker).


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