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We're used to seeing scale models come in just about every size and constructed from nearly every type of material. Everything from die-cast metal toy cars to functioning construction vehicles made of Lego bricks. So we thought we'd seen everything. We were wrong.

A YouTube user by the name of Aliaksei Zholner has created a working miniature scale model of a V8 engine made entirely out of paper and office tape. Yes, while many of us can barely build a proper paper plane, this dude went ahead and constructed an eight-cylinder V engine. He uploaded his creation to the popular video-sharing site, and so far it has received over 450,000 views.

The engine measures 32mm in length, 24mm in width and 27mm in height--tiny enough to fit inside the yellow plastic casing of a Kinder egg. It also features a paper throttle designed to control the speed of the model using compressed air. It might sound simple, but view the video and you'll find out just how complex his work really is. All those moving parts--especially in this scale--must have been a serious pain in the arse to build.

Watch the video.


Drei Laurel
Online Editorial Assistant
Drei's passion for driving began not behind the wheel of a car, but in front of a keyboard and computer screen, playing 'Need For Speed' for hours on end with his twin brother.
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