Video: Top Gear PH tags along with a travel show (and has loads of fun)

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by Tracy Carpena | Dec 4, 2014

Video: Top Gear Philippines tags along a travel show

"Would you like to drive car X to destination Y?"

Print managing editor Stephanie Asi and I ask that follow-up question as soon as an editor confirms availability to test-drive a vehicle. The Top Gear boys usually reply with a "yes." But when we asked them to go to Palawan to drive and take part in an outdoor activity, the boys refused with a solid "hell, no."

Apparently, our male teammates would drive any car anytime, anywhere, but would not participate in an outdoor pursuit that didn't involve off-road vehicles. Left with no choice, videographer Ray Gonzales and I packed for an overnight adventure in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, to join the team of Pilipinas Shell and Television Culture Shock Productions for the TV show TEN.

The travel show has been exploring the Philippines with funny man and host Jason Godfrey. For the Puerto Princesa adventure segment, we drove the Hyundai Tucson powered by Shell V-Power Nitro+ diesel. Palawan may be popular for its beautiful beaches, but terrestrial adventurers would also enjoy a road trip in the province. The Top Gear boys would've loved the drive on the twisties going to Ugong Rock Adventures, where we explored a cave and took a zipline. Their big bellies would have also been delighted with the delectable seafood Palawan had to offer.

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Here's some behind-the-scenes footage from our Palawan drive and adventure. Of course, there's more to do in Puerto Princesa, so catch TEN on AXN this Friday (December 5), 8:05pm. Or watch the replay on Saturday (December 6) at 6pm, or Sunday (December 7) at 9am.


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