Video: Volvo Trucks pits FH tractor head against Koenigsegg One:1

Which one wins?
Nov 11, 2014
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Volvo Trucks pits the FH truck against the Koenigsegg One:1

As a means to prove how efficient the i-Shift Dual-Clutch gearbox is, Volvo Trucks lined up a Volvo FH tractor head against a Koenigsegg One:1 hypercar around the Ring Knutstorp racetrack in Sweden.

"I-Shift Dual Clutch has a, well, dual clutch, which is quite unique in the heavy vehicles market," said Volvo Trucks press test director Jeff Bird. "However, similar technology already exists in sports cars. Therefore, this was the perfect challenge."

With the Koenigsegg's "One:1" label denoting its 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, which means it has 1hp for every 1kg, the eight-ton FH truck may be easily mismatched. So to give the truck a fair chance, it only needs to do one lap of the track while the Koenigsegg has to do two.

"It may seem like a different environment for a heavy truck, but the fact is that i-Shift Dual Clutch is most useful in conditions that require a lot of gear-shifting," Bird added. "The gearbox's seamless gear changes improve drivability tremendously."

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Perhaps to give the FH an even bigger chance to win the race, Volvo Trucks recruited former race car driver and ex-Top Gear host Tiff Needell to drive it and go up against Koenigsegg test driver Robert Serwanski in the One:1.

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Now, just to give you an idea of the power difference between the two vehicles. The Koenigsegg One:1 has 1,360hp and 1,371Nm, and weighs 1,360kg. The Volvo FH truck, on the other hand, has 540hp and 2,600Nm, or nearly double the One:1.

So, which vehicle do you think will win? Watch the video.


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