Video: Watch the BMW M4 drive around a course formed by M cars

For its North American market launch
Aug 22, 2014
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Video: BMW M4 drives around course marked by M vehicles

BMW North America welcomed the arrival of the M4 coupe in its market by having it drive through a makeshift track that was marked by current and classic BMW M vehicles owned by M fans.

For the feat, BMW enlisted the help of its Performance Driving School chief instructor, Matt Mullins, and Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg to drive the M4 through a specially designed course that was formed by 48 cars into the shape of the M logo (49 if you include the M4).

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As expected of drivers of their caliber, the pair sent the M4 through a lot of power slides before coming to a J-turn stop to become the final piece of the M logo. On a side note, can you imagine the kind of disaster BMW would face if something had gone wrong and the M4 had crashed into the parked M cars?

Watch the video below.


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