Video: Watch this excerpt from our exclusive Kim Henares interview

A message to car distributors and sellers
Jun 24, 2014

Bureau of Internal Revenue commissioner Kim Henares

As you know, we interviewed Bureau of Internal Revenue commissioner Kim Jacinto-Henares for our June 2014 issue. Below is an excerpt from that conversation. In this video, the country's chief tax collector talks about the fact that local car distributors generally devise schemes to avoid paying the right taxes.

"Marami silang iba-ibang pakulo para lang hindi magbayad ng buwis," she says.

Her message to these companies?

"Do not break your head trying to think of ways to put one over the government," she appeals to the auto industry. "You should concentrate on doing business and not on those things. If we catch up with you, not only will you pay the taxes [that you owe] but the penalties and surcharges are so high that at the end of the day, everything you earned you have to pay us--maybe even more, including your capital."

Watch the video for more sound bites from the BIR boss. For more on the interview, get a copy of our June issue or download it via the Summit Newsstand.

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Photo by Elaine Lara


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