Watch: A-1 Driving helps Dominique Cojuangco learn how to drive

Not bad for a beginner
by Drei Laurel | Aug 12, 2016

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Who can ever forget their early stints behind the wheel? Sure, for a lot of drivers, it comes naturally—from the moment they first grip the family car's steering wheel to the first time they back into a parking slot. Ah, memories.

For others though, it's not as simple. This is where driving schools come in. Because having a trained instructor by your side, with his foot on a separate brake pedal, makes for a pretty handy safety net. This applies especially for those with a bad case of beginner jitters. Whether it's stalling in the middle of a busy highway or getting accustomed to pressing on the brakes, this dude will have your back.

Can't recall your early driving experiences? Maybe the video above will bring back some memories. Watch Dominique Cojuangco as she takes on the streets of Metro Manila with a little help from A-1 Driving School. On a side note: She did pretty good.

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