Watch: Here's the proper way to change a flat tire

Yes, our consumer editor knows how
by Drei Laurel | Aug 8, 2016

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A couple of months back, we shared a photo of our consumer editor Botchi Santos thanking a kind-hearted security guard for helping him change his Lexus RC-F test unit's flat tire. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary at the time—just another feel-good picture for our Facebook timeline.

To our surprise, bad vibes came crawling out of the woodwork several hours later, and judgmental netizens began calling Botchi out for the post. Before we knew it, what was once a story about an admirable deed became a debate over whether or not Top Gear Philippines' consumer editor knew how to change a flat tire.

The answer? Of course he does. Now we have visual evidence to prove it. 

And for our readers who want to learn useful car-care tips, enjoy this quick video. 

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