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Watch how 11 Hyundai Genesis cars 'wrote' this note to send a message to space

Hyundai takes automotive marketing to another level with its "New Thinking" approach as it attempted to send a 13-year-old girl's message to her father in space. And it did so without leaving planet Earth and by setting a Guinness World Record for "the largest tire track image."

Using 11 Hyundai Genesis sedans, the Korean carmaker "scribbled" on Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada a message by Stephanie, a young teen from Houston, Texas, to her father, who is an astronaut. His space missions usually take several months, so it's natural for his family to miss him as he performs experiments beyond our atmosphere.

Hyundai's effort paid off. Its 5.5sq-km note (about 1.5 times the size of the Central Park in New York) reached Stephanie's father.

"I'm happy that he could see it and know that we're thinking about him back home," Stephanie said. "He's seen so many amazing things up there, but I hope this message was the most special."

Now, prepare your tissue before you watch the video at the bottom.


Watch how 11 Hyundai Genesis cars 'wrote' this note to send a message to space


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