Which Toyota vehicle does the 86 share its audio head unit with?

You'd be surprised
by Vernon B. Sarne | Jun 6, 2012

Toyota 86 audio head unit

The photo you see above is that of an actual Philippine-market Toyota 86. And yes, that's the OE audio head unit the 86 will come equipped with in our market. Those who own an Innova will no doubt find this radio very familiar-looking. That's because this is the same audio head unit found on Toyota's best-selling MPV.

On the surface, it might turn off some people to know that the 86 shares a prominent feature with a humble stablemate. But if you ask us, we honestly think that this is just the perfect radio for a rear-wheel-drive coupe: It's simple, utilitarian and quite manly. We even think that a double-deck head unit with all the fancy features and an even fancier display monitor would look awkward in the 86 cockpit. If we may say so: Real drivers don't need a flashy in-car entertainment system.

Now, for those worrying about iPod connectivity, check out the photo below.

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UPDATE: Toyota Motor Philippines' product-planning department has reacted to the story and said that "the 86 audio head unit merely looks like the Innova's--appearance- and specs-wise--but it's really OEM while the Innova's is local." So there.


Toyota 86 iPod connectivity

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Photos by Vernon B. Sarne

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