Why is the LaFerrari of Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay green?

It's because of his other Ferrari
Jul 1, 2014

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - Why is the LaFerrari of Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay green?

At the recently-concluded Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay's green LaFerrari was one of the cars that made the climb up the estate’s famed hill. Kay was actually very generous to have his car in the annual event since he had just taken delivery of it just three days before.

As to why his LaFerrari is painted green, it's because of his Ferrari Enzo: "My Enzo is black with a green interior, and so I went for the same scheme but switching the colors around. I've always liked green cars and green interiors--and green in general. It gives me a thrill."

If you could afford a LaFerrari, what color would you have it in? Take our poll below.

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