What do women consider good driving?

The ladies have spoken
by Tracy Carpena | Jan 7, 2018

With a following composed of about 70% male and only around 30% female, the Top Gear Philippines online community is clearly male-dominated. But it's 2018, and women want to be heard.

And since we've been curious about what goes on in their minds (in those rare moments when they're not talking) inside the car, we asked them "What do you consider good driving?" Our post elicited a lot of comments, including some from the men. The conclusion? Women prefer smooth driving and a cool head behind the wheel. Well, who doesn't?

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Scroll below for their answers. In the latter part, we included some responses from the men, because they have interesting points and could start another discussion.

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Emma Joy Porcincula

"Good driving is keeping the yellow box open, letting the pedestrians cross, not overtaking on the right side, staying on one lane, not tailgating, not overtaking by counterflowing (unless allowed by a uniformed officer) especially during heavy traffic, following the speed limit, following the traffic signs, and checking headlights and taillights to make sure none are busted. Her headlights are the ones prescribed by the LTO and cannot blind the opposite traffic."

Uri Gonzales

"Smooth driving. Nasa linya lagi. Walang sudden brakes. Hindi mahilig mag-overtake. Ginagamit yung signal light. Nagbu-busina if needed. Patient. Di nagmamadali. Magaling mag-park. Driver na iniisip yung kapakanan ng pasahero at ng kapwa motorista."

Chriscel Caguntas

"Fast but smooth. Knows the fastest route and lane. Parking skills. Alert and has a fast reflex. Knows how to give and take. Has good taste in music. Hindi mainitin ang ulo."

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Jenn Bono

"Presence of mind and common sense. Defensive driving. Safe distance. Smooth driving and no sudden braking. Law-abiding. Uses signal lights. Gives way to pedestrians. Parallel parking level: 99,999. Most of all, hindi patola sa hindi maayos mag-drive."

Jessa Marie Glory

"Smooth. No sudden braking. Stays on one lane. Hindi mahilig mag-overtake. Knows how to give and take. Hindi mainitin ulo. Higit sa lahat, makakatulog ako ng panatag sa byahe."

Mary Grace Cruz

"Defensive driver. Parallel Parking 101%. Says no to road rage! Smooth, swift driving. Follows the traffic rules and regulations."

Kai Kitamura Castillo

"Responsible and educated driving. Knows how to give way to pedestrians. Knowledgeable and abides by traffic rules and regulations. Our safety and safety of other motorists are his concern. That's my hubby!"

Tsary Bells

"Ang sa akin, hindi masyadong mayabang sa kalye. Saktong patakbo lang at hindi basta-basta nag-oovertake. Di nakakahilo mag-drive (yung hindi biglang mag-brake palagi). Ginagamit ng tama ang busina at ilaw (hahaha) at higit sa lahat mahaba ang pasensya sa daan! Sarilinin ang init ng ulo at huwag ng mangdamay ng iba!"

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Sarah Sacramento

"Can stay on his/her lane. Smooth driving. Decent speed. Signals when switching lanes. Knows how to give way to pedestrians."

Marjo Dandan Patero-Anastacio

"Isang atrasan lang sa parallel park. Hindi sagad sa gutter. Daig si Waze sa paghanap ng less traffic route. Hindi busina ng busina. Iling lang pag traffic. Cool lang."

Gracia Torres

"Yung feel mong sa kotse ka nakasakay, hindi sa kalesa. Because there are drivers na parang horses mag-drive. Parang galit sa brake, subsob ng subsob."

Jasmin Teng

"Kapag hindi nakikipagsiksikan sa mga jeep and bus. Kasi nakakastress eh!"

Chie Duartz

"Smooth acceleration and braking. Patient and courteous. Respects other drivers and traffic rules."

Joyce Ann

"Follows rules. Fast but safe. Harurot when there's a chance. Hahaha."

Shirine Escobido

"When you can still manage to do your 'kilay goals.'"

Jenny Baritua

"Good driving is when I do not have to drive and/or worry about our route."

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Hannah Dela Cruz

"I hate sudden braking, yung mabilis tapos biglang brake. And I hate guys doing unnecessary revs."

Joyce Segui-Sabado

"Eco-driving to save gas and the environment!"

Cyd Acosta

"Smooth and defensive driving. No sudden braking. Law-abiding. Uses signal lights. Focused and patient."

Maria Maria

"No putting on make-up while driving."

And here are some bonus responses from the men:

Tinee Protacio

"Out of topic. My theory is all about collective thinking. The males share the same frequency as the females share theirs. Majority of the drivers are male. This is why we cannot read lady drivers on the road, and it's so hard to anticipate what they're going to do. Sorry to interrupt. Please go on with your business, people."

Jaylord Agluba Legaspi

"Can I, as a man, give my comment, too? Good driving is when women shut their mouths."

Hex Dagooc

"As a driver, I can be the driver that the ladies here are looking for or even better. But as a husband-driver, I am the opposite because my wife is the definition of backseat driver. I know that a lot of guys can relate. Yari ako neto sa esmi ko. Haha."

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Editor's note: Some backseat drivers are men, too.

Other editor's note: But comments from men are constructive.

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