Yep, this is how extremely cold it is in the United States right now

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Jan 8, 2014


It\'s winter in the United States right now, so to say that it\'s presently cold in that part of the globe is quite an understatement. The thing is, it\'s not just your usual winter that\'s sweeping across America right now. Thanks to a bitingly cold wave caused by an Arctic cold front, the US is currently experiencing record low temperatures.

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On January 6, for instance, some place in Minnesota registered -38 degrees Celsius. To help better understand the coldness of that temperature, remember that the freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius.

But to really give everyone a good appreciation of all this iciness, someone posted the above photo on Imgur, an image-hosting site. This Kia was blanketed in so much ice that its owner managed to rip off its door handle when he/she tried to enter the car. Simply unbelievable. We\'ve spent several winters in the US, but we\'ve never encountered anything remotely similar to this.

Aren\'t you glad it\'s warm in the Philippines?

Photo from Imgur

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