Best of YouTube: Mom learns how to drift in a 500hp race car

“Floor it, floor it, floor it!”
by Lije Martin | Apr 10, 2019

Mom learns how to drift

This woman teaches her mom how to drift in an LS1-swapped S14. Need we say more? Click play on the video and enjoy!

Torque vs. horsepower

Torque and horsepower have their own unique advantages depending on what you need from your car. They often get mixed up with one another, so as car enthusiasts, make sure you know the difference between the two.

Cafe cruising

“Conquer your world, just come and see. What lies ahead is whatever will be.” Here’s some poetry along with a nice view as these cafe racer riders show us the beautiful, winding roads of Bavaria, Germany.

Dry ice for what?!

Dry ice is commonly used to preserve food. It can keep grub from going bad when you don’t have a freezer or fridge. As a little experiment, these guys try to use it with the cold-air intake of their drag car.

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Slick NSX roams Las Vegas

Old-generation NSXs weren’t known for straight-line performance, but for their great handling and road-driver connection. This one is equipped with a turbocharger and makes 452hp, helping it carry more speed through both straights and corners. Listen to it go up and down the rev range on the roads of Las Vegas. Oh, and the black wheels look really slick with the car’s paint.

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