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Best of YouTube: This box-type Lancer is an ’80s time capsule


Mitsubishi Lancer box-type review

Ramon Bautista takes us back to the ’80s in his ‘box-type’ Mitsubishi Lancer. With its iconic design, simple but practical components, and short list of safety features (driver/passenger seatbelts and the occasional dangling rosary), this Lancer is a certified tito mobile.

Dad gets an R32 Skyline for Father’s Day

After waiting a year for a red Nissan Skyline to emerge for sale, this guy finally found and purchased the perfect Father’s Day gift. His dad is very, very lucky.

A Skyline-powered Fairlady Z

The early-generation Fairlady Z is like the Frankenstein’s monster of older Japanese cars. A lot of engines can go underneath its hood, and spare parts are quite easily available from wrecked units. This 280Z has a single-turbo RB25 (the same motor that powers Skylines), among other nifty modifications.

This Hummer is as big as it is valuable

The Hummer H1 is something that normal drivers would think twice about making git-git in traffic. The Alpha trim of this beast of a ride was only sold for one year, 2006, making it pretty valuable and a target for wealthy enthusiasts.

Professional BMX rider drifts

This BMX rider gives his bike a break, opting to drift his 700hp R35 GT-R instead. The gold BMX mounted on top really gives the car ‘street cred.’ We dig it.

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