Best of YouTube: Russian ATV can traverse mud without a sweat

Well, that looked easy
by Drei Laurel | Aug 14, 2018

The Sherp ATV is an off-roading juggernaut

Need proof? Just press play on the video above and watch a Sherp absolutely embarrass its rival SUVs in an off-roading showdown. Seriously, just look at the driver's face as he's leisurely driving past his competition.

Picking up Uber riders in a McLaren

Are you tired of being assigned to mundane subcompact sedans and hatchbacks when you take ride-hailing services? Yeah, we know the feeling. Now, let's feel even worse by watching Vehicle Virgins pick up riders inside a McLaren 720s.

This is how Japan flood-proofs its roads

While we're here unclogging drains and fixing pipes to deal with monsoon rains, Japan's discharge channel in Kasukabe—the largest drain in the world—is sucking up potential flood waters like it's nothing.

These rides are perfect for the next 'Mad Max' film

George Miller and his production crew put a ton of work into Mad Max: Fury Road's post-apocalypse vehicles. If you ask us, they're some of the coolest and most detailed movie cars to ever grace the silver screen. But as this video shows, it doesn't take a big-budget Hollywood production to come up with the stuff.

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Real car vs. 50 Hot Wheels

Don't worry. No Hot Wheels were harmed in the production of this video.

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