Best of YouTube: Son secretly turbocharges his mom’s car

Our kind of surprise
by Lije Martin | Feb 18, 2019

Is that my car?

A lot of parents bend over backward to provide for their children. So when the time comes and their kids are all grown up, these parents finally have a lot more time (and money) for themselves. There’s even the chance to drive the old convertible they haven’t taken out in a while. But as they ride off into the sunset...wait, what’s this? Something seems different.

Ranger fans, gather around

The Ford Ranger is a popular choice among pickup truck owners here in the Philippines. From stock and simple to crazy off-road setups, the Ranger shows us that work and play don’t fall too far apart from each other. Here’s how this versatile workhorse came to be.

Changing your car’s ride height?

Altering the ride height can drastically change a car’s appearance, and depending on the setup (e.g. coilovers, air suspension), it can improve performance as well. Whether your ground clearance is raised to the roof or just a few inches off the ground, there’s a custom ride height for everyone.

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This MR2 packs a wallop

They say if you’re looking for a more affordable mid-engine car, a Toyota MR2 is worth checking out. This one, in particular, has a total of 750hp. Just listen to the thing go!

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The guys likes building cars, and it shows

Building a car by yourself takes time, a hefty budget, and a lot of effort. But at the end of the day, you’re left with a machine that’s unique to you. Here’s a time lapse of one guy’s epic Mitsubishi Evo X build.

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