The iconic Good Morning towel is now a P250 limited-edition face mask

This towel has come a pretty long way
PHOTO: Rada Collab/Salay Handmade

Of all the creative face mask designs people have come up with since this pandemic started, this one has to be our favorite. Yes, this is a Good Morning towel face mask—the humble piece of cloth has gone from wicking sweat off of jeepney drivers’ backs to keeping deadly viruses from entering people’s respiratory systems.

The limited-edition reusable face mask was designed by Vanilla Arucan for Salay Handmade and is made from washable handmade abaca fiber. It’s available in a handful of colors, but, obviously, you want to go for the iconic white cloth with red lettering.

Frankly, the face mask’s look is spot-on. It’s identical to what you’ll find in taxi cabins and PUVs across the Philippines. Its price, however, strays quite a bit from what inspired it—you can buy more than a handful of actual Good Morning towels for this face mask’s P250 cost.

That price tag doesn’t seem to be stopping people from buying it, though. The artist’s initial minimum order quantity of 30 pieces has been surpassed by quite a large margin and the project is already 386% funded on

A P250 Good Morning towel face mask. What a time to be alive. Like it?

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PHOTO: Rada Collab/Salay Handmade
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