Amuro Ray's White Mobile Suit Gundam is now a custom scooter

Does it come with beam cannons?
by Drei Laurel | Sep 13, 2017

There's no doubt that Japan's motoring scene is one of the wildest on the planet. From neon-lit Lamborghinis touring Tokyo's streets at night, to Mario Kart-themed public tours, the country has just about everything for everyone.

All that eccentricity is just one of the many reasons car lovers are so enamored with the place. Now, you can add this to the list. A Japanese rider named Ryo Inoue managed to buy himself a customized 'Gundam' scooter via online auction, and it he even has a wig in case he plans to cosplay as the mech's pilot from the anime. He showed-off an image of his new scooter over Twitter, and naturally both otakus and motorcycle lovers took notice.

The vehicle looks based on the RX-78-2 Gundam, aka 'White Mobile Suit,' piloted by Amuro Ray—the original series' main protagonist. You can tell by the customized upper cowl and paint job, but the dead giveaway is what's found in the storage compartment. It appears to be a wig resembling Amuro's curly hairstyle. This dude is going all-in on this ride.

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No word on whether or not this thing is built from lightweight 'Luna' titanium alloy, or if it comes equipped with a powerful beam cannon or Hyper Bazooka. Regardless, we're impressed. Now cue in that cheesy Japanese theme music.

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