5 Things you should never do to a dusty/dirty car

It’s just disrespectful
by Manskee Nascimento | Oct 22, 2017
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Even car enthusiasts like myself can’t always keep our cars clean, as we sometimes have to set aside time for our rides to deal with the realities of daily life. That said, I would like to share a list of things I utterly loathe that some folks do to a dusty/dirty car and why it isn’t right.

1) Running your fingers/hands on dusty painted panels.

Aside from obviously getting your digits dirty, this habit can cause scratches on your clear coat.

I don’t understand how some parents who walk with their kids along parked cars allow the little ones to swipe someone else’s dirty panels with their hands. God knows what that vehicle has come across or has been exposed to. Imagining a child putting his filthy fingers in his mouth after doing so isn’t something I’d like to see, given I have children of my own. Also, the abrasive friction between a moving hand and a painted surface can cause scratches.

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Mom and dads, kindly be aware of this and remind them to keep their hands off. We would appreciate it very much.

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2) Turning a car into a canvas for dust art.

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First of all, if the car isn’t yours, you have absolutely no business touching it. More so, it would be completely disrespectful to do your doodling on someone’s car. There’s nothing more irritating than finding human genitalia drawn on your hood or windshield when you return to your vehicle. Good luck if the owner catches you in the act.

3) Writing things like "wash me" or profanities is totally not cool.

Even OC car guys at times will have a dusty ride. We don’t need to be reminded by your graffiti, or insulted for that matter. This rude and distasteful act can get the perpetrator in serious trouble. Just keep your dirty thoughts and hands to yourself and away from our cars.

4) Never wipe down a very dusty car with a dry rag or old T-shirt.

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Always use a soft and clean microfiber duster, microfiber towels, and a quality detailer spray to remove dust and restore shine. If your car is absolutely dirty or muddy, a good wash should be considered.

5) Is it okay if a hottie leaves a cute message with his/her number for you by writing it on your dusty car?

Even if it was Kate Beckinsale, I’d say hmm...no! Unless she’s a master of paint blemish correction—then again, if she was, she wouldn’t do that in the first place and would most likely just leave a nice little note pinned on my windshield wiper.

Remember that cars are their owners’ prized possessions. Treat them with respect as you would with your own personal treasures. Our car culture would be elevated to a whole new level if everyone would be mindful and considerate in this sense.

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PHOTO: Shutterstock
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