How to do a three-point turn on a two-lane road

Driving school 101
by Jason Tulio | Jun 23, 2017

On our busy streets with all those confusing traffic schemes, doing a U-turn isn't always as easy as it should be. Sure, some streets have dedicated slots, but a lot don't. What's more, some roads are too narrow for you to do a complete 180 in one go. That's where the three-point turn comes in, which we'll discuss here.


The three-point turn is driving school 101 stuff, but it's still an essential skill to master. It helps you become familiar with your car's dimensions, and lets you get comfortable with moving in reverse. Remember, practice makes perfect. 

Before you start, make sure that you're allowed to do a U-turn on that particular road. If you're not sure, check for any nearby road signs and read up on our list of essential road markings

1) Move to the rightmost side of the road, keeping about a one meter distance from the gutter.

2) Signal left and check your side mirrors to see if the traffic is clear. 

3) Turn the wheel sharply to the left and move forward slowly. 

4) When you're about one meter away from the opposite gutter, turn the wheel to the right to straighten the car out, then stop. 

5) Shift into reverse, and check both sides of the road. Move back slowly while continuing to turn the wheel right. 

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6) When there's enough space in front of you to complete the turn, turn the wheel to the left then stop. 

7) Shift into Drive or first gear, move forward, and straighten out as you move into the appropriate lane. 

It sounds like a lot of steps, but it's really simple especially if you're familiar with your car's dimensions. Drive safe!

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PHOTO: Raynand Olarte
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