10 Reasons why you'll fall in love with the 2018 Yamaha XMax

Yamaha’s new baby rocks the scooter world
by Aris Ilagan | Mar 17, 2018

There’s no doubt that the AT (automatic transmission) segment in the motorcycle industry is growing at a tremendous pace. The sales growth is so overwhelming that it has almost surpassed the number of business motorcycles now dominating the streets of the country.

Scooters are convenient to use, with their twist and go features, comfort amenities and large compartments. They're very easy to ride, in other words.

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And when we talk about AT scooters, Yamaha remains in the forefront. But it's not resting on its laurels.

Recently the Japanese motorcycle brand unleashed its newest scooter at the YZone showroom in Mandaluyong City—the XMax. The XMax joins its two brothers, the TMax (530cc) and the NMax (155cc), both of which are now selling like hotcakes.

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Scooter enthusiasts have waited long for the arrival of the Xmax, and its unveiling was a welcome relief to them.

Here are 10 reasons why you’ll likely be madly in love with Yamaha’s new darling:

1) Design. From its fascia to the stepboard, seat and rear end, the XMax has an almost identical design with that of the TMax. Remove the emblems on their sides and you’ll end up confused attempting to distinguish one from the other. Check out their dimensions in LWH: XMax = 2,185mm x 775mm x 1,465; TMax = 2,200mm x 765mm x 1,420mm. I believe this is what my kids call 'twinning.'

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2) Space. The XMax offers big space not only for the rider, but for the helmet and personal items that can be stacked in the under seat compartment. It’s one of the few scooters that can accommodate two helmets in its storage bin. There's even LED lighting in the storage area.

3) Windshield. The already tall windshield can be raised 50mm higher. This will protect the rider from the harshness of the wind and flying debris while riding at high speed. It also provides good aerodynamics.

4) Handlebar. This one’s a unique feature for scooters. The XMax has a handlebar that can be adjusted 20mm closer to the rider, depending on his or her reach. This will greatly reduce muscle ache on the arms during long rides or enduring heavy traffic.

5) LEDs. In highlighting safety, Yamaha designed the XMax with full LED headlights and taillights that are highly visible from several meters. Both have DRLs (daylight running lights) that use minimal electrical power to ensure smooth engine performance at all times.

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6) Charging port. For the power needs of your smartphone, navigation equipment and the like, the XMax is equipped with a power socket to provide charging for your electronic gadgets.

7) Traction control. The XMax has advanced traction control that allows smooth acceleration even on slippery surfaces. The system’s sensors detect tire slip, and enables the power delivery to adjust instantly with the engine response. In simple words, it prevents wheelspin. 

8) ABS. Another safety advantage of the XMax is having ABS for the front and rear disc brakes. This ensures superior stopping power while allowing the rider to have full control of the bike in abrupt braking incidents. 

9) Smart key. The XMax uses a Smart Key system that allows the rider to fire up the engine without using a key. This system also remotely unlocks the steering, seat, fuel tank and storage compartment.

10) Engine. Here is where ‘X’ marks the spot. The Yamaha XMax is powered by a 300cc liquid-cooled Blue Core engine for aggressive acceleration. It also uses a fuel injection system that translates to fuel efficiency and environment-friendly emissions. Generating 27hp @ 7250rpm, its engine is more than enough to propel the rider and his passengers to high speeds.

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Yamaha Motor Philippines has set the price of the XMax at P249,000, which means a P400,000 difference compared to the TMax.

Will you now dump the old school manual transmission system and now join the ranks of the scooter world?

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