This tiny helmet wiper is the ultimate rain gear for riders

It’s quite the handy tool
by Leandre Grecia | Aug 4, 2019

The most frustrating thing about riding motorcycles is rain—every rider knows this. Cars are okay getting wet, but a simple drizzle can have any bike owner thinking twice about going out, especially on the highway.

Beyond getting wet, another problem when riding through the rain is visibility. Anyone who travels daily around the metro on a motorbike knows that you can have complete rain gearraincoats, boots, ponchos, and whatnotbut none of it will still make getting seeing through the rain any easier.

Sure, these things will help you stay dry, but they won’t help you see through the raindrops that build up on your helmet visors. While car windshields have wipers for this situation, riders use their gloves to wipe off water and mud from the helmet visor even while  in motion. We all know that this practice compromises safety because the rider has to keep his hands on the handlebars all the time.

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But did you know that helmets now actually have wipers, too?

Check this out: This is a mini electric wiper for motorcycle helmets called WiPEY. Click play on the video below to learn more:

Not only does WiPEY have a battery life of 12 hours on one full charge, but it is also easily reattachable onto any other helmet, and the manufacturer claims that it can fit most helmet designs. It’s a simple tool that can exponentially improve safety when driving under the rain. Pretty nifty, we’d say.

As Filipinos continue to turn toward these two-wheelers as alternatives to conquering traffic in the metro, we’re guessing innovations such as these could actually be a hit in the market.

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