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Yamaha holds Christmas party for riders at infamous Marilaque Highway

Brand-new Aerox, NMax, and YZF-R15 motorcycles were raffled off to participants
PHOTO: Matthew Galang

’Tis the season of obligatory Christmas parties. And while most holiday festivities have home appliances as giveaways, Yamaha Motors Philippines went all out and raffled off brand-new motorcycles at this year’s Yamaha Suporta Arangkada gathering.

The event is a Christmas celebration for Yamaha’s riding clubs, as well as the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Yamaha and popular riders’ rest stop Jariel’s Peak. Riding up the twisties of Marilaque, we were immediately greeted by droves of riders (on Yamahas as well as bikes from other brands) also heading toward the venue, which is now regarded as a haven for motorcyclists. Marilaque has a reputation for being an accident-prone area because of undisciplined riders, but Yamaha PH was out to prove that it can be turned into a road-discipline zone.

Before the journey to Jariel’s Peak, all the riders were briefed about the road-safety measures and traffic regulations being implemented on Marilaque. Maybe it’s also Yamaha’s ingenious way of showing the riders the newly erected 50kph speed-limit signs in the area. However, the happy little procession faced a sudden change of scenery as torrential rain assaulted the mountain passes. Undeterred and with raingear on, the riders pressed onward through the fog and the rainstorm, eventually arriving at the destination.

This large crowd made things extra-lively when the program started despite the harsh weather. After registration and lunch for all attending riders, things immediately heated up when the raffle kicked off, with minor prizes first followed by the much-awaited major prizes. Even the minor prizes were tantalizing—helmets, loot bags, and shirts were handed out left and right.

But the major prizes were what really drove the crowd wild, as both Jariel’s Peak and Yamaha Philippines gave away motorcycles. The former raffled off one unit each of the brand-new Aerox, Nmax, and Mio Sporty. Yamaha then gave away bikes from their AT lineup, and as a surprise bonus, threw in a brand-new YZF-R15, a hot-selling street bike that’s perfect for roads like Marilaque. Sponsors Motorworld and VS1 also offered big discounts at their booths, and Yamaha offered free oil-change services.

Yamaha and Jariel’s Peak look forward to a long and prosperous friendship, with the partnership solidified through the unveiling of the “I love Yamaha Jariel’s Peak” installation to serve as a photo backdrop for many great memories. The riders also livened up the celebration by cheering, “Ulan ka lang, riders kami!” whenever the rains got stronger.

This event proved that rain or shine, riders will always find a way to have fun.


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PHOTO: Matthew Galang
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