What Coco Martin used to woo girls back in college surprised us

'Ang Probinsiyano' is Honda's new brand ambassador
by Aris Ilagan | Aug 19, 2018

We recently featured Coco Martin, aka Ang Probinsiyano, riding a premium European brand along with five other celebrities. As one of the country’s hottest actors, he has a collection of expensive bikes and high-end cars that many of us can only dream of.  But according to Coco, there’s only one motorcycle brand that remains close to his heart—Honda.

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During an event that announced the actor as Honda's new endorser, Coco shared that motorcycle riding has become an integral part of his life. In college, he said he drove tricycles so that he would have baon whenever he attended classes. Those three-wheelers bore the Honda motorcycle badge.

Even as his showbiz star rises, Coco still finds himself riding Honda motorcycles. His upcoming entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival involves a Honda motorbike. Our Moto Sapiens spy says Coco’s ride for that movie is a Honda Rebel, a 500cc cruiser bike that is now selling briskly.

Aside from work-related riding, motorcycles have been Coco’s ultimate stress reliever. “Napakalaking parte ng buhay ko ang pagmo-motor,” he said.

And since the motorcycle brand seems to be a constant in his life, Coco never had second thoughts of accepting Honda's offer to become its new face.

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“We’re extremely proud to have Coco Martin as our new brand ambassador. As a global company, we believe in the power of dreams,” said Jomel Jerezo, general manager and department manager of Honda Motorcycle Business Planning. “From his humble beginnings to being one of the most sought-after actors in the country’s entertainment industry, Coco Martin perfectly exemplifies what it means to achieve one’s dream.”

But which Honda bike do you think is Coco’s favorite? CB750? Nope. Gold Wing? Wrong. Africa Twin? No.

After we expected him to pick from one of Honda’s more exciting big bikes, he blurted out: Honda XRM!

It turned out that this iconic underbone with a 125cc engine not only became his daily ride, it also brought him fond memories, many of them during his college days.

“Hindi siya (XRM) ang unang motor ko, pero nung nag-college ako ‘yun ang ride ko,” he said. ”Sine-set-up, binibihisan, at pinanliligaw.”

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Guys, you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

This also proves that no matter how high he has gone up in the ladder of success, Coco Martin is still the modest guy that people knew when he was still an ordinary mortal riding underbone motorcycles. Also, with a killer smile like his, who needs a premium brand big bike?

Congratulations Coco for being the new brand ambassador of Honda motorcycles!

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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