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Honda e-scooters to be powered by renewable energy source in Romblon

Demonstration testing for portable power packs has begun
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

Honda is once again showing its commitment to the preservation of the environment by investing big time in a renewable-energy project that will benefit thousands of residents in Romblon.

Residents of Romblon, a province located in the Southwestern Tagalog region (MIMAROPA), sources its electricity from two diesel-fed power plants. Aside from emitting harmful smoke, this power source is also costly for consumers. For several decades, the power supply in this typhoon-prone area has fluctuated heavily, posing an inconvenience to the residents and increasing the risk of damage to household appliances.

This has prompted Honda Motor Company of Japan to enter the picture. In pursuing an ambitious project dubbed ‘Mobile Power Pack Exchanger,’ Honda has two objectives: The realization of local consumption and local generation of energy, and promoting a carbon-free society. To achieve these goals, Honda has partnered with Tokyo-based company Komaihaltec for the construction of windmills that now generate renewable power for Romblon residents.

The excess supply of electricity generated by the windmills will be transmitted to a storage facility similar in form to a vending machine called an ‘Exchanger,’ also built by Honda and Komaihaltec. The Exchanger will then transfer electricity to the Mobile Power Pack, a detachable battery that can be used to power the Honda PCX Electric scooter.

Equipped with a smooth-running electric motor, this PCX variant was recently introduced to local media by Honda Philippines, Inc. at the Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC). We were allowed to take the PCX Electric for a quick spin at the facility, but sadly, its public unveiling was instantly overshadowed by the simultaneous launching of Honda’s three new motorcycles—the  Gold Wing with DCT, the CB1000R Neo Sports Café, and the CB650R Neo Sports Café.

Each Mobile Power Pack unit enables the PCX Electric to travel up to 41km (60kph steady-state test) on a single charge. Except for the powertrain, it has retained the overall design, shape, and features of the PCX150 (including the smart-key system) now available in the Philippines.

Demonstration testing of the Exchanger has commenced in Romblon, and it won’t take long for the residents to see the Honda PCX Electric scooters moving around the province.

Kudos to Honda!

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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