5 steps to owning a digital camera by enjoying the new Ford Fiesta

Join the Fun Fiesta Finder
Dec 18, 2010

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - 5 steps to owning a digital camera by enjoying the new Ford Fiesta

Visiting Facebook even during office hours really pays off (sometimes!).  We just found this cool promo for you from Ford Group Philippines.

After giving away scale models of the subcompact via Facebook when the car was launched, Ford has again tapped the social media network, this time for the Fun Fiesta Finder contest.

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Joining the Fun Fiesta Finders promo takes only five easy steps:

1. You have to be a member of the Ford Fiesta in the Philippines Facebook page and register via Fun Fiesta Finders' Facebook application.

2.  Find an all-new Fiesta. Nope, it doesn't have to be yours (though it would help if you know the owners of the unit you’re eyeing for this promo).

3. Have your photo taken with the Fiesta. As with any other photo contest, the more fun-looking and creative photos get more points, which in turn increases one’s chances of winning.

4. Share your photo by uploading it to the Fun Fiesta Finders' Facebook gallery.

5. Ask your friends to view your photo and 'Like' it. You can only invite 20 friends per day so always check your score and invite more friends to 'Like' your photo everyday.

Photos will be judged weekly based on the number of their 'Likes' and their creativity. The winner will be selected every Friday and the prize is a brand-new Sony T99 digital camera.

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There are already a number of Fiestas out on the streets. What are you waiting for?

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