Bentley offers limited edition copies of new James Bond book

More affordable than Ferrari's limited edition book!
Apr 27, 2011
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Bentley creates special, limited edition copies of new James Bond book

Limited edition books based on cars seem to be the rage these days. Remember Ferrari's super exclusive book by Kraken Opus? Well, Bentley is the latest to join the bandwagon by teaming up with publishing house Hodder & Stoughton for a special, limited-to-500 edition of the new James Bond novel, Carte Blanche, written by award-winning thriller writer Jeffery Deaver.

The demand for this new special edition book is reportedly expected to be huge after Bentley's collaborative bespoke book for the previous Bond novel, Devil May Care, by Sebastian Faulks, sold out within days.

In Carte Blanche, Bond drives the new Bentley Continental GT, which served as the inspiration for the case of the special edition book.

Like the car's body, the book's case is made of polished aluminum and evokes the shape of the GT while the book itself is bound in white Nappa leather, the very same grade of leather used in the GT's interior. Mimicking the car's blood-red leather interior even further is the book's Pillar Box red edging.

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The Carte Blanche title, the author's name and the familiar Bentley logo are carefully embossed on the book's front cover and foil-blocked onto the spine. The text is printed in two colors, black and red, on ivory paper, while its endpapers are made of matching red leather. The book also sits on a base of black anodized aluminum so as not to mark the white leather cover.

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As one last twist, a die-cut bullet hole pierces the pages of the book and hidden within the pages is a single polished 9mm bullet that is individually marked with its own number distinct to each copy, making the edition truly unique.

This special edition copy of Carte Blanche is being sold at £1,000 (P71,605.51 at £1:P71.6055) each and is available to pre-order worldwide through Carte Blanche officially goes on sale on May 26.

Do you think this is a real collectible or merely a self-serving promotional tool?

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