Bosch working on future engine tech to help reduce CO2 emissions

From internal combustion engines to CNG systems
May 2, 2013


Bosch, one of the world\'s major suppliers of automotive technology and services, is confident that the European Union\'s 2020 fleet emissions target \"of 95g of CO2 per kilometer is technically feasible.\"

\"We are working on innovative solutions with the aim of further improving engines across vehicle classes,\" said Robert Bosch GmbH board chairman Volkmar Denner. \"Further reductions in fuel consumption are possible, but will involve considerable additional costs in some cases. From a Bosch viewpoint, it is essential that the further development of the powertrain be regarded from a cost-benefit perspective.\"

The German conglomerate believes that this is even more important for its middle-class consumers where price is an important criterion. This is why Bosch is reportedly working to make engines in this segment even cleaner and more efficient but, at the same time, affordable through new components.

For example, Bosch claims that some of its new systems can effectively recuperate braking energy, allowing a mild electrification of the powertrain. In some cases, the systems are even reportedly close to achieving the EU\'s target for 2020, with diesel engines doing 105g of CO2 per kilometer and gasoline engines doing 115g of CO2 per kilometer.

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Bosch also revealed that it is currently developing an efficient plug-in hybrid system that makes it possible to drive up to 60km purely on electricity. In addition to powertrain electrification, Bosch also sees the potential for installing compressed natural gas engines in all vehicle classes.

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\"CNG systems can already help reduce CO2 at a low additional cost,\" Denner added. \"In this area, Bosch components have a technical edge. However, in order to increase the market penetration of CNG vehicles, the infrastructure has to be significantly expanded.\"

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