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The new Hino 300 light-duty truck is equipped with a fully automatic transmission

Attention, business owners
PHOTO: Hino Motors Philippines

Hauling goods from one point to another within our road system can be tiring work. If you’re a business owner looking to make life easier for yourself or your drivers, Hino Motors Philippines’ (HMP) latest entry into the market might be worth checking out.

We’re talking about the new Hino 300 Series that now comes equipped with a fully automatic transmission, instead of either a five- or six-speed manual setup.

These vehicles come powered by N04C diesel engines capable of either 134hp and 390Nm of torque or 148hp and 420Nm—figures that Hino claims trumps most other competitors in the light-duty truck segment.


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The brand has also included features like a USB- and Bluetooth-compatible entertainment setup, a four-vent A/C system, as well as power doors and windows for added convenience. These are additions that will no doubt appeal to drivers used to more spartan packages in their trucks.

“At Hino, we provide only the best for our customers. With this fully automatic truck, we intend to upgrade our drivers’ experience, giving much consideration for their safety and well-being while enabling them to perform their important role in our communities,” HMP president Mitsuhara Tabata said in a statement.

“This results in mutual benefits for all concerned—drivers, operators and their customers. Such is Hino’s Total Support promise—a holistic, reliable and trusted solutions in every aspect of our and our customers’ operations,” he added.

No pricing details have been given for this commercial vehicle yet, but expect them to surface on the company’s official website soon. How do you think the new Hino 300 stacks up against its competition in terms of comfort and convenience?

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PHOTO: Hino Motors Philippines
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