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The Atlis XT is a new electric pickup truck with 800km of range

Coming in 2020

The days of big, burly, gas-guzzling pickup trucks are numbered—at least if Atlis and its promising new electric pickup truck, the XT, gets its way. And considering the state of the air we’re breathing these days, we wouldn’t mind if it did.

With up to 500 miles (over 800km) of range and a maximum payload capacity of 5,000lbs (2,268kg), the XT ticks all the right boxes. It charges insanely fast, too: Plug it into one of the company’s ‘Motor Vehicles Advanced Charging stations,’ and you can expect it to be topped up in just 15 minutes.

Of course, just look at that design. The Atlis XT is all business, thanks to strong character lines, its towering height, and a no-nonsense face. It looks pretty menacing in black, too. The front end also conceals what the company claims is the industry’s largest front storage area.

Top speed is pegged at 193kph, and it will hit 60mph (97kph) in just five seconds. What’s more, each wheel is driven by one of four independent motors, providing the vehicle with what Atlis claims is the market’s best traction control setup.


Other bits to note? The XT does away with conventional side mirrors and instead comes with a pair of side cameras. Atlis also has plans to endow the pickup with level 5 autonomy, though it doesn’t go into specifics regarding what self-driving features it has in the pipeline.

Reservations for the vehicle are already being accepted, and it’s expected to come out sometime in 2020. Are you ready to replace the roar of a diesel engine with the calm hum of an electric powertrain?


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PHOTO: Atlis Motor Vehicles
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