Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Ford wraps Fiesta in bacon

With vinyl wraps now being used to decorate cars, Ford has decided to take the trend up a notch by wrapping the Fiesta in man's favorite slice of meat: bacon.

According to the American carmaker, 10 giant strips of bacon are "rolled around a Fiesta for a carb-free ride."

You don't have to worry about strangers peeling the bacon off your car since the design is actually a graphic rendered in vinyl.

Other bacon-wrap designs being offered by Ford are:

* Bacon Racing Stripes, featuring two pieces of bacon on the car's hood, mimicking the classic dual racing stripes; and

* Side of Bacon, with two individual strips of bacon that wrap over the rear wheel, "popular among those on a diet"

"It's no secret that bacon inspires a lot of passion, and that's what the Fiesta celebrates," said Ford Fiesta marketing manager Liz Elser. "Our customers have a hunger for self-expression. Plus, it's just awesome to drive down the road in a piece of bacon."

In case you're wondering why Ford is doing this seemingly nonsensical stunt, it is to celebrate International Bacon Day tomorrow, August 31st. Yes, there is such a day. Who knew, right? Our pork-loving senators and congressmen would be proud.

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